JUNO – the Goddess of Marriage

Juno is the largest asteroid located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Inspired by the Juno ingress into Leo coming up on August 15, 2023, here is her story.


Juno is the largest asteroid located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Inspired by the Juno ingress into Leo coming up on August 15, 2023, here is her story.

To understand the meaning of Juno in one's horoscope, we need to reflect on Roman mythology and the story of Juno. Juno shares many similarities to her Greek equivalent Hera.

Sculpted head of Juno, print, Giulio Bonasone (MET, 62.600.91)

Juno was the goddess of marriage and childbirth. She was married to Jupiter (Zeus), the god of all gods. Their relationship was filled with love, power struggles, and conflicts.

Juno and Jupiter were a “power couple”, but Jupiter had numerous affairs with both mortals and goddesses. Juno, being fiercely loyal to her marriage, was very jealous and wanted to punish those involved in Jupiter's infidelity. There are many stories about Juno’s vengeance towards Jupiter's lovers and his illegitimate children.

Planetary Volumes Jupiter
Jupiter by Planet Volumes

Juno was a powerful and influential goddess, known for her fierce protectiveness of marriage and her efforts to maintain her status and authority within the divine hierarchy. The stories about her showcase her complex relationship with Jupiter and her persistent attempts to deal with his infidelity and the consequences it brought upon their marriage.

In one's horoscope, Juno explains how we see marriage, fidelity, and what type of partners we look for. We should always take into consideration her aspects of Jupiter, especially in women's charts. It can be an indicator of potential partner/marriage.

Juno loves being in the same signs as Jupiter does – Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer, Taurus, and Libra. On the other hand, people with Juno placements in Virgo and Capricorn might prefer to stay single.

Touching the bouquet
Photo by Drew Coffman

Juno associations are connected to partnerships and commitments of all kinds: social life, jealousy, gracious living, marriage, courtship, engagements, business agreements, diplomats, cooperation, seductions, lifestyle, models, stylists, hosting parties, fashion, receptionists, secretaries, "work wife", equality, fairness, the law, childbirth, preserve traditions, hospitality.

With Juno ingressing to Leo, on a global level, we might see more emphasis on social rituals and protocols, famous people showcasing their marriages and engagements.

In the individual charts, we need to consider its sign placement, house position, and any aspects it makes to other planets or points in the chart.

How we express commitments and relationships through Juno sign and house position:

Aries [1st house]

Independence and freedom in the relationship.

The need for an active, dominant partner, usually very similar to oneself.

Taurus [2nd house]

Stability and groundedness in the relationship.

Marriage means security and the need for a dependable and reliable partner. Material benefits gained with marriage.

Gemini [3rd house]

Verbal stimulation and exchange in the relationship.

Need for a partner they can do a variety of activities together on a daily basis. A desire for multiple partners, marrying twice, or marrying someone from inner circles.

Cancer [4th house]

Emotional closeness and nurturing in the relationship.

Need for family and home life from an early age. They can be very protective of their partners.

Leo [5th house]

Admiration and excitement in the relationship.

Need for an artistic, creative, and attentive partner, in who they can take pride in. Wanting/having children from an early age.

Virgo [6th house]

Achieving perfection and analyzing daily habit patterns in the relationship.

Need for a partner who will be of service and modest. Logical, business-like marriage, partners from the medical and service industry or from the workplace.

Libra [7th house]

Equality and fairness in the relationship.

Need for a partner who will respect and approve one's ideas and decision-making. Loves marriage, and romance, but can be naive.

Scorpio [8th house]

Sexual intensity and intimate bonding in the relationship.

Need for a partner who will provide exclusive attention. Power struggles in the marriage, possessive/obsessive/jealous/manipulative partner. Charming/devoted partner.

Sagittarius [9th house]

Shared vision of the future and belief system in the relationship.

Need for an intellectually stimulated partnership, a partner who likes to explore, learn and travel.

Capricorn [10th house]

Depth and assurance of long-term commitment in the relationship.

Need a mature partner (can be older, father-like figure) with an established career. Can marry late.

Aquarius [11th house]

Freedom and life apart from the relationship.

Need a partner who values personal space in the relationship and is a friend. Many live in an open marriage or do role reversals.

Pisces [12th house]

Faith, commitment, and reverence in the relationship.

Need spiritual, Neptunian partner – looking for an ideal partner for marriage. Watch out for an isolated partner, or an addict.