My Story

My astrology journey started when I was around 10 or 11. I believe it was my Dad who first mentioned I was a Gemini! I was so curious (Gemini!) to learn what does that mean. I found booklets in a local store about the signs of the Zodiac. I immediately got a booklet for each sign for my family members and learned all about Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn energies. :) I was so fascinated by the language of the stars, and I realized it's a great tool to understand yourself and others better.

Later I discovered an Astro Magazine. I couldn't wait for each edition to get out of the press! I learned about planets, signs, how to calculate ASC (rising sign) by hand and so much more.

I knew every birthday from all my classmates (I believe I still do lol), always inquiring about birthdays when I met someone. I was lucky to have a friend since high school with whom I could talk astrology. We explored many different aspects of astrology together...and then the internet came and I was ecstatic. The door to astrology was wide open.

In my 20s and 30s, I attended many workshops, read books, looked at many, many charts, and talked to my Astro friends. But it wasn't until my 40s that I realized astrology is my passion and I want to pursue an astrology career.

My first teacher was Steve Judd. I finished Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Practitioner courses and made many friends - called Judders :) We still meet each week to talk astrology and support each other.

You can find an interview with Steve on my YouTube Channel:

My second teacher is Uranian astrologer Matt. I finished his Astrology course in a small group where we practiced each lesson on our own charts. Currently, I am learning about Uranian Astrology and can't wait to offer Uranian astrology readings soon.

You can find an interview with Matt on my YouTube channel:

I am also enrolled in Frank Clifford's London School of Astrology program, pursuing a diploma in astrology.

I am a member of OPA - The Organization for Professional Astrologers and a member of the local organization Astrology Niagara.

I am collaborating with many different astrologers from around the world, spreading the word about astrology, helping clients to successfully navigate their lives, and have plans to teach astrology myself.