Jasmina was so great with my readings I've had done with her. Very professional and insightful, explains things in a way newbies to astrology can understand. Couldn't recommend her enough :)

JENNA, Canada
Jasmina and I had a very nice video call in which she read to me my astrology chart. I was very surprised because she told me exactly what my main problem is and it was very accurate and she didn't have that information before. Also she told me some things about me that was everything I thought but wasn't sure about them and now my path is very clear and I'm very happy. And not only because everything she read from my chart was accurate but she also helped me realized some personal things which were bothering me and pushed me towards my goals so I'm very grateful for her. I would highly recommend her.

MORANA, Croatia
The way Jasmina made astrology more relatable to me was amazing. She helped me see things in my life from different perspective. I recommend her to anyone who is curious about their natal chart. She is a great astrologer!

RUŽA, Croatia
Jasmina is very accurate in her readings and her explanations are excellent. I recommend her 100 percent!

ANTE, Croatia
I recently had an astrology reading done by Jasmina. I was amazed at the accuracy and depth of insight this person provided me with. They had a profound knowledge of the field of astrology and were able to interpret the positions of the planets and stars in a way that truly resonated with me. Their readings were not only insightful but also very encouraging and uplifting. I left the session feeling empowered and inspired to continue on my path with newfound confidence and clarity. She also did not gate keep on things I should watch out for. If you are looking for an incredible astrologer who can provide you with an authentic reading that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, I would highly recommend this person. Her wisdom and insight are truly trans formative and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jasmina.

WILLA, Canada
Hey Jasmina, just wanted to say a big thank you for the reading you did for me yesterday! As someone unfamiliar with astrology, I can see how the sheer amount of information presented can be overwhelming. Yet, you were able to deliver all of it in such an easy to understand and concise manner! I used to think readings were quite general, and was surprised at how specific and on the mark it was at times. Especially when you were talking about what happened the past year in my life. Looking forward to using what you taught me to navigate my future!

Beyond her extensive knowledge of astrology, Jasmina is an exceptional communicator. She patiently answered all my questions and made sure I understood the nuances of my chart. Her enthusiasm for astrology is infectious, and it's evident that she genuinely cares about helping others through her insights.

Working with Jasmina was an absolute joy, and I can't recommend her enough for anyone seeking a profound and illuminating natal astrology chart reading. I am immensely grateful for the experience, and I know I will turn to her guidance in the future as I continue to grow and evolve. Thank you, Jasmina, for your incredible talents and the gift of your wisdom!

PEDRO, Canada
I received my first astrology reading with Jasmina and I was blown away! She is on point with things that have happened to me in my past and her insights have truly assisted me to move forward with my life. Her kind demeanour and positive energy kept me feeling comfortable and safe. I highly recommend Jasmina to anyone looking for clarity. I look forward to connecting with her again!

FARRAH, Canada
I had an amazing, insightful, mind-opening, and timely reading Jasmina, it gave me a wonderful perspective on navigating the eclipses and my career overall with wisdom and awareness! Thank you Jasmina for your insights on my purpose, career path, and strengths! It resonated with me so much, the validation gives me the confidence to push through my cocoon phase with patience and grace. You are so knowledgeable and best of all it shows that you deeply care about people, so thanks a million for sharing your gift with the world and your beautiful heart 🙏🏻💕

REETI, Australia
I’ve had two sessions with Jasmina so far. One was gifted by a friend when I felt desperate and lost, and it was so great to chat. Jasmina got me and my life down to a t gave me some amazing advice and gave me the courage to take steps towards being more vocal about what my needs were and being assertive with people around me. The second session I booked myself, I was about to do something I’d never done before and take the risk. Jasmina talked me through my next 6 months and how things would pan out. I felt anxious and nervous but I also knew this was the right thing to do. It’s been about 8 months since our first meeting and my life has changed massively. I am more assertive, putting myself first. I build communities around me. And I finally work in my dream industry. Without Jasmina, it would have been a lot harder for me to be brave and get out of my comfort zone.

Anna, UK
I want to thank Jasmina for saving my relationship with my 25 yr. old son! Through astrology she used my natal chart to uncover conscious and subconscious themes in my life that were 100% accurate. She was able to clearly articulate to myself as a novice in astrology the planetary influences on my personality, behaviors, and pursuits. She gave me incredible insights and new perspectives on my life, past and present. In addition, she helped me understand the conflicts and barriers in the most important relationships in my life. Jasmina helped me understand and accept myself through showing me the planetary influences in my life, in my natal chart and how this impacted my role as a parent, friend, sister, co-worker and the relationship with myself. She helped me navigate a conflictual relationship with my son through looking at my son’s natal chart and my own giving me tremendous insight into how we have been unable to understand one another’s intentions and perspectives. I made many critical and necessary changes in my communication - what I said and how I spoke to him. I was able to tremendous progress in our relationship through astrology. We are closer than ever. Now he enjoys time with me. I never felt more comfortable and confident as a parent than I do today with the help of astrology. I am eternally grateful to you Jasmina.  

Shelly, USA
I had my first ever astrological reading with Jasmina and I am beyond happy how she made it so easy for me to understand. Her way of reading the natal charts and explaining those to a person who is completely new in Astrology were impressive. With her explanations she gave me insight into how planets and energies work that I could have hardly explained to myself earlier, but now certain things happening around me finally have a meaning. I feel empowered to go through the rough periods knowing that these are temporary and that there is always something good waiting at the end. Jasmina also gave me insight in some parts of my personality that will be of great help with my future actions and decisions.
I would recommend her work to anyone who is interested in astrology and is ready to take a leap into learning about the universe around us.

Quincy, Dubai