Mercury Retrograde Guide for 2024

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

We are finishing 2023 with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, the last of the Earth element retrogrades for this cycle. Each year Mercury goes retrograde in the same element. For 2023 it was Earth, and this upcoming Mercury retrograde will make the transition from Earth to Fire. The interesting thing is that Mercury goes retrograde at the same degree as he went direct 11 months ago. Just like Venus makes a 5-point star with her 8-year retrograde cycle, Mercury makes the Star of David. It's part of Sacred Geometry that planets do with their conjunctions with the above so below :)

For more information on Mercury, Mercury transits, retrogrades, and much more, check my chat with Makayla where I talked about all things Mercury!


  1. Mercury goes retrograde on 13 Dec 2023 at 8°29' Capricorn (on 18 Jan 2023 he went direct at 8°08' Capricorn - starting the earth mercury retrogrades). Think about what were the themes in your life at that time. This is an opportunity to revise them and make some closures on those topics. The end of this retrograde cycle will be on 1 Jan 2024 at 22°11' Sagittarius. Just in time to start the New Year without thinking about possible retrograde issues. Note that the last Mercury retrograde in 2024 will start at the same degree of Sagittarius - make notes on the topics that occur on the first day of 2024. You can reflect on them at the end of the year. I also want to mention the shadow period. The shadow period starts and ends at the same degree as the degree when the planets station to change directions. For example, the shadow period for this retrograde cycle started on 25 Nov when Mercury was at 22° of Sagittarius. This retrograde will go back to 22° Sagittarius and it will station direct at this degree. Why are these shadow periods important? Because the topics of our lives where we have these degrees in our natal chart will be revised from that time. Shadow period will end on 20 Jan at 8° Capricorn - degree of Mercury stationing to go retrograde on 13 Dec 2023.
  2. Mercury Retrograde 1 April 2024 at 27°13' Aries - 25 April 2024 at 15°59' Aries (shadow starts 18 March, ends May 13)
  3. Mercury Retrograde 5 August 2024 at 4°06' Virgo - 28 August 2024 at 21°25' Leo (shadow starts 16 July, ends 11 Sept)
  4. Mercury Retrograde 25 Nov 2024 at 22°40' Sagittarius - 15 December 2024 at 6°24' Sagittarius (shadow starts 7 Nov, ends 2 Jan 2025)

In 2023 and Earth Mercury retrogrades (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) we were more pragmatic and were able to manifest our ideas into practical content. With Mercury retrogrades moving from Earth to Fire element, we are given the opportunity to clean and revise things in our fire houses as well (where we have Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in our natal charts).

In 2024 Fire Mercury retrogrades will prompt us to action. They are the motivators, enthusiasts, entertainers, and go-getters! While Earth Mercuries were more introverted and quiet, Fire Mercuries want to be heard and seen.

During these 2024 retrogrades, we might feel more impatient, frustrated, and dramatic. Use these retrograde periods to focus, concentrate, think about how you react, connect with your inner child, and slow down in general to avoid burnout. It's all about embracing our competitive nature, being bolder and taking risks, revising how to motivate ourselves, and finding the enthusiasm we need to create a better future.

Ask yourself: What is my inner fuel, where is my passion, and where can I find greatness in me :)

Although we might experience some delays, everyday frustrations, and complications, don't be afraid of Mercury retrogrades. They are amazing opportunities to improve yourself and have a more fulfilling and happier future.

Happy Mercury Retrograde!