December 2023 at a glance

December Stations
December Stations 

Welcome to December, the month of hope and joy! It's a festive season after all :)

After a very intense two months, with eclipses and Mars Sun Cazimi, I'm happy to say we are leaving this year in a much brighter tone.

Neptune and Jupiter are changing directions to move forward again, which will bring us more clarity and optimism. Chiron is also moving direct, which will bring us an opportunity to heal after weeks of working on our deepest wounds. The only planet that will change directions to move backward is our friend Mercury. He will station to go retrograde from December 13th until January 1st, just in time to start the New Year more positively. I will write more on Mercury retrograde in a separate post later in the month. Stay tuned!

If you missed my collaboration with Hannah where we discussed the charts of Beyonce and Brad Pitt in two different house systems (Whole Sign and Porphyry), you can check it out here:

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It was so much fun and interesting to see how different astrology schools complement each other, and that's the beauty of Astrology!

December Lunations
December Lunations

New Moon this month will be on December 12th in Sagittarius. It might be clouded by poor judgment as it squares Neptune, the planet of illusion and escapism. Sagittarius is a jolly sign, that enjoys leisure and adventure. With this hard aspect, we might seek to avoid responsibilities by leaning into addictive spheres. Since it is a festive season, be careful of this especially because Venus will oppose Jupiter on the same day, calling us to overindulge in pleasures and overspend for holiday gifts.

A Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th is one of the best Full Moons of the year. The trine with Saturn in Pisces will give healthy boundaries in interacting with our family members and a sextile to Jupiter will provide an opportunity to be more joyful and just simply happy! Mars will square Neptune - it's not the time to act or make important decisions. Sun will trine Jupiter, time to be jolly and have some fun!

For more information on the year ahead and what will be the major events, check out this amazing conversation with my international astrology friends who gave so many amazing guidelines and insights.

More on Astrology of 2024 to come shortly, stay tuned!

  1. We start the month with Mercury entering the sign of Capricorn. This will bring a more serious note to our daily communication, focusing our minds on achieving the goals and putting aside all unnecessary distractions. Since Mercury will go retrograde on December 23rd, returning to Sagittarius, we will have an opportunity to revise our vision and dream and move forward with more confidence after Mercury goes back to Capricorn beginning of the next year.
  2. On December 4th, Venus our beauty queen moves to Scorpio. This can be very assertive period reflecting on our relationships and finances. Venus in Scorpio loves to spend, so be careful with Christmas shopping. Just a day before she goes to Scorpio, she will square Pluto, watch out for power struggles! We might overindulge on December 9th when she squares Jupiter and we might seek adventure and freedom on December 21st when she opposes Uranus. On Christmas Day she will trine Neptune, inviting us into fantasy land and artistic expression. Dance, sing, watch a good movie! She finishes the month with a lovely aspect with Pluto, giving us long-needed empowerment, just before she moves to Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, she will need more freedom as her number one priority will be seeking pleasure in traveling and expanding her horizons.
  3. Vesta moves to Gemini on December 20th, inviting us to utilize our skills through networking and coordinating. Be aware of overusing words and rationality to emotionally distance yourself from others.
  4. Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st/22nd in conjunction with retrograde Mercury. We are asked to organize our ideas and thoughts, to find a structure in our thought process. The only hard aspect of the whole month will be with Neptune, on December 16th, when we might feel lost and tired. The lovely aspect with Saturn on Christmas Eve will give us more self-confidence and a trine with Jupiter on December 27th will provide a sense of feeling that we can GO BIG! What a great way to end the year!

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I wish you Happy Holidays and all the best in the next year! As always, if you seek astrological guidance, you can find my services on my website.

P.S. There will be a special Newsletter in December with a token of my appreciation for all of you subscribers. I am deeply grateful for your support on this beautiful journey, called Astrology :)