Astrology & Addiction

That said, here are some astrological factors that can be associated with tendencies toward addictive behaviors.

Astrology & Addiction

Disclaimer: When analyzing astrological placements and aspects that can indicate addictive behavior in someone's natal chart, it’s important to remember that astrology should not be used as a definitive predictor of any behavior or condition. Individual behavior is influenced by various factors (psychological, environmental, personal) beyond astrological placements.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, seeking professional help from a healthcare provider or counselor is essential for support and guidance.

In working with clients, family, and friends, we should always be considerate and ethical in our approach. Astrology is a wonderful tool to guide and help others to live their lives to their full potential. When dealing with sensitive issues, like addiction, we should be extra cautious but still willing to help.

Also, it is extremely important that we (astrologers) don’t assume anything about the person we have consultations with. We are here as interpreters of the stars, and open and safe dialog with the client or a friend or a family member can be crucial in our astrological practice.

Ok, here we go

That said, here are some astrological factors that can be associated with tendencies toward addictive behaviors.

Neptune as seen from Voyager II in 1989
Neptune is an important planet when talking about addictions - Photo by NASA

1. Neptune placements

Negative Neptune energy manifestations can be reflected through

  • escapism,
  • avoidance,
  • addiction,
  • self-sabotage, and
  • neurotic and irrational behavior.

If Neptune makes challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions) to any of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) or angles (ASC, DC, IC, and MC), that could indicate addictive behavior.

2. Moon - Neptune Aspects

Aspects between the Moon (emotional security) and Neptune (dreams, illusions) might suggest emotional vulnerabilities or difficulties in coping with emotions, potentially leading to addictive tendencies as a coping mechanism.

With conjunction, the native might feel the pain of the whole world.
With square, the native might be more prone to addictions.
With opposition, the native might be more prone to escapism.

3. Venus - Neptune Aspects

Challenging aspects between Venus (desires, relationships) and Neptune (dreams, illusions) could indicate a tendency to seek pleasure through unhealthy means like substance abuse or other addictive behaviors.

Conjunction might manifest as more gullible behavior and addiction to relationships.

Square might bring addictions and escapism from the harshness of the real world.

Oppositions might bring addictions to hedonistic fun.

4. Mars - Neptune Aspects

Mars represents our energy, actions, and passions.

Challenging aspects between Mars and Neptune might indicate a struggle with self-control and impulsivity, potentially leading to addictive behaviors.

Conjunction might show as being very addictive to anything (the nature of addiction).

Square can make you try anything at least once.

In opposition Neptune can dissolve the energy of Mars – feeling like there is nothing to show for at the end.

5. ASC - Neptune Aspects

Ascendant is the way we are seen by the outside world - the shield we put on when we go outside, it's our identity and individuality.

Neptune conjunct ASC can easily fall in love, get hurt or deceived, using various addictions as a coping mechanism

Square is more gullible, often negative thinking, and very sensitive to the environment (physically and emotionally).

Opposition can bring addiction as escapism from reality and poor judgment.

6. 12th House and Pisces Sign

The 12th house (planets in the 12th house) and Pisces are often associated with

  • escapism,
  • hidden issues,
  • loss,
  • loneliness,
  • connection to the subconscious mind, and
  • capacity for addiction to everything.

Strong placements in these areas, especially involving challenging aspects, may be considered relevant when talking about addiction.

7. Chiron Aspects

Chiron represents our deepest wounds, but also a potential for healing. It’s connected with issues of abandonment and isolation.

Challenging aspects to Chiron may suggest unresolved emotional pain (hardcore trauma)  that could lead to addictive behaviors as a way to deal with those wounds.